Serving Northern California Since 1932

The Fort Bragg Trout Farm offers trophy-quality rainbow trout of all sizes. We specialize in live delivery throughout the entire state of California.

We also raise and stock multiple species of freshwater game fish. We have over 80 years of servicing and creating some of the most amazing sustainable fisheries across the Golden State.

Species include:
  • -Rainbow Trout-
  • -Triploid and fertile-
  • -Largemouth black bass-
  • -Florida strain, northern, and hybrid Tigers-
  • -Bluegill and red-eared sunfish-
  • -Minnows, mosquito fish, and other live feed sources-
  • … and so on
We rarely have all species available at all times.
Contact for price and availability.
Season and size affect price.
Since we are our own suppliers/source, quality is well controlled.

Proper management of a lake or pond is the top priority when trying to accomplish your goals. Give us a call and let us help you reach your dreams.


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