Serving Northern California Since 1932

The Fort Bragg Trout Farm offers the best A#1 trout
in the state

Along with legal freshwater species such as
  • -Channel Catfish-
  • -Bass-
  • -Bluegill-
  • -Red Ear Sunfish-
  • -Top, Middle, and Bottom Minnows-
  • … and so on

We rarely have all species available at all times.

Contact for price and availability.

Season and size affect price.

Since we are our own suppliers/source, quality is well controlled.

Interested in Aquaponics?

Want a bigger faster-growing species of fish that’s tested and proven? We are currently offering availability for the first time to the public our F1 Hybrid Mirror Carp. These wonderful, high-quality food fish grow rapidly. They will quickly attain size on nearly any diet while allowing very high-density population in a closed system tank.

These beautiful fish are docile and disease resistant. They will allow the grower to not worry about system failures, temperatures, or other common concerns typically associated with indoor/outdoor aquaponic systems.

These fish enjoy the tank life and thrive in multiple environments. They produce and white flesh that is desirable in the food market and have an easily managed bone structure even for the beginning fish processor. Nothing like the silver, Golden, Asian, or koi carp in the end product. World record for this fish is over 100 pounds! They produce a large pearl pattern of scales along their backs each one unique to each fish making them terrific as pets. Their low maintenance nature and tertiary feeding process keeps tanks clean.

Fish can be easily shipped Fed-Ex overnight or picked up in airbags or delivered when the situation allows.

Feel free to contact for more info.


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